Tommy's Express Monthly Unlimited Wash Subscription

Online End-user License Agreement

Tommy’s Express LLC and the owner of the car wash (the “Operator”) from whom you (the “Subscriber”) will be purchasing your Tommy’s Express Monthly Unlimited Wash Subscription (the “Subscription”), require that you agree to the following end user license agreement (the “Agreement”):


The Subscription fee, will be an automatic recurring monthly charge to the Subscriber’s credit card. The Subscription payment will be charged on the day it was purchased, and will automatically renew monthly on the anniversary day of the month it was initially purchased.

Subscribers may cancel the subscription through the Tommy’s Express mobile application at any time, and continue to wash through the subscription end date. To cancel by email or phone, please contact this Operator. If canceling by email or phone, please allow a minimum of 5 business days prior to the next billing date to effectively cancel your subscription. You can view all Tommy’s Express location’s contact information at

There are no refunds for lack of use during the subscription term, or for partial months.

Subscribers may change their contact/billing information through the Tommy’s Express mobile application at any time. It is the Subscriber’s responsibility to provide and maintain a valid email address and phone number on file in their Tommy’s Express mobile application to receive any changes or updates to the terms and conditions for their Subscription.

If you need to change your license plate information, please contact the Operator or email

In the event Tommy’s Express LLC is unable to charge a customer’s credit card for reasons such as, card expiration, NSF or change in information, the Subscriber’s Subscription will automatically be canceled 20 days after the date of the payment Tommy’s Express LLC was not able to collect. If your account deactivates, it must be reactivated at the then current retail pricing.

The Subscription cannot be combined with any other programs or discounts, including but not limited to, pre-paid washes, vouchers, house accounts or coupons. It also does not apply to special event pricing.

The Operator reserves the right to close any location due to inclement weather, major holidays or equipment failure.

Tommy’s Express LLC may increase monthly rates with notice posted by the Operator at least 90 days in advance. If there is a tax rate change in your home site location’s area, Tommy’s Express LLC reserves the right to change the payment amount to include tax at any time.

The Subscription is intended for a single vehicle only. Fraudulent use of the Subscription, will result in immediate termination of the Subscription plan.

This Agreement is subject to change without notice.

There will be a recurring monthly charge on your credit card for your Subscription, By clicking “Done” during the finalization process of the Subscription registration, you represent to the Operator and Tommy’s Express LLC that you understand and agree to this Agreement.